Ninja & Shroud Might Return To Twitch As Mixer Becomes Part Of Facebook Gaming

Microsoft’s popular streaming website Mixer is set to close it’s operations as it becomes a part of Facebook Gaming. And Ninja and Shroud ended their contract with Mixer.

Streaming sites such as Twitch and Youtube generate a lot of traffic. As players want to watch their favorite streamers live on these platforms. Viewers spend countless hours enjoying streams on these sites.

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But Twitch’s Competitor Mixer is now closing down and becoming a part of Facebook Gaming. Microsoft made the big announcement on 22nd June. In the announcement, they declared that the operations side of Mixer is going to shut down. They also stated that Mixer will now become a part of Facebook Gaming.

Ninja and Shroud Returning to Twitch?

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins and Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek were two of Twitch’s biggest streamers before they made a deal with Mixer to Exclusively stream on the platform. But now that Mixer is closing its operations and partnering with Facebook Gaming there is some news floating around the internet. Apparently Ninja and Shroud both turned down huge offers from Facebook Gaming. Facebook Gaming offered both of them huge amounts of money to renew their contract but both of them refused and made Mixer buy them out.

So with all of this both of them are now, free agents and don’t have the freedom of choosing which site they want to stream on from now on. It is highly likely that both of them might go back to streaming on Twitch. Because they both previously used to stream on Twitch.

Mixer streamers didn’t know it was shutting down

Streamers who streams on Mixer had no idea that Mixer was about to close down its operation sides and merge with Facebook Gaming.

With Mixer merging with Facebook Gaming everyone will be eagerly waiting to see which platform two of the biggest names in streaming will move to.

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