Ninja Shares his Thoughts Regarding Competitive Fortnite and How to Fix it

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins shares his thoughts regarding competitive Fortnite and what he thinks are some solutions that can be implemented to make the competitive scene reach its full potential.

Fortnite FNCS warmups have recently begun and popular streamer Ninja has been watching the qualifying rounds. Recently in a voice tweet on September 26, he shared his thoughts regarding Fortnite competitive and what can be done to make it reach its ultimate potential.

Fortnite Competitive has come a long way since the early days but it still doesn’t feel like proper Esports. Fortnite is the only game where the tournaments are open for all. This means that anybody can compete with the highest level of pro players. This is a good thing but it has it’s drawbacks too. It is a double-edged sword apparently.

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Ninja’s Thoughts on Competitive Fortnite

According to Ninja, There needs to be a separate league for top-level Pro players instead of bunching them up with all the others. He explained that pro players can sometimes get pushed by players who do not know the opportune moment to take engagements and this can risk the placement of both the pro player and the common competitive player.

Ninja explained that there needs to be a separate league for top-level teams where they can queue up against other top teams. implementing a system like this could make Fortnite Competitive looked up to and respected according to Ninja.

Ninja added. “There needs to be leagues and lobbies where they can queue up with teams and against teams that are just as good, who have qualified if you will and are there consistently. That’s how it needs to be if it’s ever going to be super looked up to or respected.”

He followed up his audio tweet with some additional comments.

“I see way too many times high-level players being griefed by lower quality players who don’t know when to fight and just ruin both games and also don’t end up qualifying. There needs to be a safe space for the top teams to compete.

And obviously a legitimate way for new teams to come up and earn their spot in that top league/group.”

Ninja shares his opinion about competitive Fortnite
Credit: Ninja Twitter

It is not the first time we have heard complaints regarding competitive Fortnite. Pro players have been speaking their minds regarding problems with competitive Fortnite for years.

A popular Esports insider named slasher also shared his thoughts regarding competitive Fortnite.

slasher shares his thoughts on competitive Fortnite
Credit: slasher Twitter

Hopefully, Epic Games sees some of the things that Ninja and other pros think about competitive Fortnite and can make some changes so that it can reach the top level of respect that it deserves.

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