Ninja Shares his Opinion About SBMM in Games

Nawshad Noor
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Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has shared his opinion regarding SBMM in a recent video posted on Twitter where he talked about SBMM for more than 2 minutes.

Call of Duty Cold War recently released its free Alpha. The free Alpha already had SBMM(Skill Based Match Making) enabled. The addition of SBMM in Call of Duty: Cold War Alpha ignited an old debate regarding it. Many pro players, Internet gaming personalities, and streamers spoke out against SBMM. Call of Duty also received a lot of criticism for refusing to remove SBMM from casual game modes. SBMM was even trending on Twitter yesterday.

Players who played the Call of Duty Cold War Alpha were not happy with the SBMM in the game. According to many players, only the first few games were enjoyable, after that the games apparently felt super competitive. The outrage from the players emerged on September 18 and everyone was criticizing how bad SBMM tuning is for COD.

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Ninja Shares his Opinion About SBMM

Popular Streamer and internet personality Ninja has also shared his own opinion regarding SMBB after the recent Call of Duty: Cold War Alpha sparked the controversy regarding SBMM once again. Ninja recently shared a video on his official Twitter page titled “SBMM opinion. Not concrete but a hot take for sure.”

In the video, Ninja said there are a lot of things to take into consideration while looking at skill-based matchmaking. He also added that the casual players are the ones to benefit the most from SBMM and they are also the majority. He then talked about why pro players and streamers complain about SBMM. Ninja thinks there needs to be a balance regarding adding SBMM in games. He also added that he necessarily doesn’t like SBMM but understands why it’s in place. He also clarified that it is just his opinion.

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