Ninja said that bigger map is bad for Fortnite

The map should have more mobility

Popular Fortnite streamer Ninja said in a tweet that bigger maps and less mobility are stupid for Fortnite. He also added that faster zone pulls are not helping matters.

Ninja is probably one of the most famous streamer on the planet right now. With his new move to the mixer which shocked everybody, he is still streaming Fortnite almost every day. In a latest tweet, he criticized that the map that was introduced in the new chapter of Fortnite has some big issues that need to be solved.

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Ninja on the new map

In this tweet, he claimed that Fortnite has a bigger map now. But the mobility from the previous season is not present at the moment. So, bigger maps and less mobility is not helping the flow of the game. Zones have also gone a little bit dramatic with their pull towards the end circle.

With all the new changes Ninja thinks that a new zone pulling to one side of the map close to ten times isn’t helping at all. He also explained that adding more mobility or having a less dramatic zone pulls would really benefit the current state of the game.

Epic hasn’t added any new mobility to the game since the launch of the new chapters. Some balance tweaks might actually better the flow of the game.


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