Ninja just received his own Fortnite skin from epic

Ninja's skin looks dope

Fornite is finally getting some streamer skins. Ninja was the first one to receive this royale treatment from epic.

Ninja aka Tyler aka Richard Tyler Blevins just received a full 4 stage Ninja skin form epic. This skin also comes with unique dance emotes and all the other fancy stuff that comes with it. Ninja’s reaction to the skins was really wholesome.

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Ninja is probably one of the most famous streamers online. He is kind of the face of Fortnite. Fortnite had other skins from celebrities before. Like John Wick, Marshmello now Ninja is getting that special skin treatment from Fortnite.

Ninja's headband react to kills
Ninja’s headband react to kills

The skin exactly looks like Ninja and his brand with double swords as an axe. The skin also comes with his pom pom song. But due to copyright epic couldn’t use the exact song that Nija plays. The skin has four stages like other skins. The skin also reacts to how many kills the character has. Ninja’s headband will increase in size with kills.

Ninja looked overwhelmed by his new skin and couldn’t contain his excitement during the steam. He thanked epic in his stream and said that he was really happy with the skin. Wonder which streamer will receive this treatment from Epic.


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