Ninja Gets a Skin in Fall Guys Following $1 Million Donation to Charity

Popular Fortnite streamer and Internet Personality Ninja got a skin in Fall Guys after donating $1 million to charity back in September.

The Fall Guys Twitter page started a contest back in September of 2020 to see who can donate the most amount of money to charity. It was dubbed the battle of the brands at the time and many brands took part in it to get their skin in the game. But near the end of the contest MrBeast, Ninja, Streamlabs, and G2esports combined their efforts and pledged to donate $1 million to a charity called SpecialEffect that works for disabled gamers.

It looks like Fall Guys have finally started to put the winner’s skins in the game as a way to show appreciation for the huge donation.

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Fall Guys Ninja Skin:

Recently the official Fall Guys Twitter account posted about the Ninja skin being added to the game.

Ninja is the first among the battle of the brands winners to get his skin added to the Fall Guys game. The skin is officially in the Fall Guys item shop and costs 2 crowns in total. Originally it was supposed to be 10 crowns but the cost has been reduced.

After the Ninja skin, we can also expect to see a MrBeast, G2esports, and Aimlabs skin coming shortly.

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