Ninja, Dakotaz, & Others Speak Up Against Ban of 9-year-old

Ninja, Dakotaz, and Others Speak up against Epic’s Ban of 9-year-old Streamer.

The streamer who got banned is named Zenon. He is a Brazilian streamer and part of the Brazilian gaming organization Detona Gaming.

He was streaming Fortnite Arena Mode(Fortnite’s Competitive Mode) with his father. Where all of a sudden he received a notice on his account that he banned. After noticing the ban notice he burst into tears.

His father was streaming with him and was sitting beside him during all these. After little Zenon burst into tears he tried to comfort him.

Apparently he received the ban because of his age. Fortnite players are required to be at least 13 years of age to take part in any competitive Fortnite.

The Ban has caused an uproar on the internet and people are speaking against the ban. #FreeZenon is now trending on Twitter. The Brazilian Competitive Scene is also in an uproar because of this ban.

Ninja Tweeted:

Popular Fornite Streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevin also tweeted about the ban in support of Zenon.

Ninja explained why Epic Games should not have banned 9-year-old Zenon for participating in Fortnite Arena Mode.

He explained that Fortnite Arena Mode does not offer any money prize, so, it should not be illegal for a 9-year-old to participate. Ninja also stated Zenon should not be banned from playing regular Fortnite.

Brazilian Esports players have also spoken out about this ban. Popular CSGO players Fernando Alvarenga and Vito Giuseppe also tweeted and demanded freedom for Zenon.

A Professional League Of Legends player Robo tweeted saying that, “It is totally wrong to prevent the development of talent in electronic sports. The boy is 100% accompanied and supported by his father. You can’t do that to a child! He just wants to have fun! #FreeZenon”.

Dakotaz Said This During Stream

Popular Fortnite Twitch Streamer Dakotaz Spoke about the issue during his stream. He told Zenon, “They[Epic Games] shouldn’t have banned you like that. If you’re going to hand out a four-year ban, and they’re nine years old, they should have handled that a little differently in my opinion. I hope you get to play Arenas again bro”.

Epic Games Still hasn’t made any formal statement regarding this situation. But Zenon is hopeful that the ban will be lifted.

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