Ninja Asks Fortnite Players To be Honest About Aim Assist Problem

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevin released a video talking about aim assist. He asked the Fortnite community to be honest about pushing for an aim-assist nerf.

Ninja is a popular Fortnite Streamer from USA. He is the face of the game and speaks out frequently about problems with the game. In his recent video he posted on Twitter he talked about problems with aim assist.

Recently a lot of pro players on PC who play with keyboard and mouse are being very vocal and demanding that aim assist be nerfed. Tfue and Liquid Stretch are a few among them.

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Ninja’s Tweet:

He said that he didn’t want to talk about what should and should not happen to aim assist. Rather he said it was up to the community and high-level controller players to reach out to Epic and be vocal about the problems of aim assist.

Ninja’s Tweet about Aim Assist

He urged Aydan(A popular controller player) to speak up about it and Aydan responded on his Twitter.

Ninja responded back to Aydan and asked for an honest opinion with no sarcasm. Aydan’s response was this.

A lot of controller players including some pro players think aim assist is broken or needs some kind of tweak. So let’s see if more people have the same opinion and if Epic does something about this issue.

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