Neymar banned from Twitch after Accidentally Leaking Brazilian Teammate’s Phone Number

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Neymar Twitch

Popular football superstar Neymar Jr has been banned from Twitch. He accidentally leaked a Brazilian teammate’s phone number during one of his streams.

Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior or more commonly known as Neymar is a Brazilian professional football player. He is widely regarded as one of the best football players in the world. Neymar was ranked the third highest-paid athlete in the world by Forbes. Neymar was featured in sports games like FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer on many occasions.

During his free time, however, Neymar is often seen Streaming CS:GO on Twitch. As streaming becomes more mainstream more and more celebrities are starting to stream. Twitch is obviously the first choice as it is the biggest streaming platform. Neymar mostly streams CS: GO on his streams but he has also started to dabble in the recent hit game Among Us.

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Neymar Jr banned from Twitch:

Neymar’s Twitch account was banned on November 10, 2020. A bot on Twitter called StreamerBans published the news of the ban. This is Neymar’s first-ever ban on the massive streaming platform Twitch.

Possible reason for the ban:

Twitch has a policy where they do not share the reason for the bans on their platform. So we do not know the exact reason for Neymar’s ban. But the most likely cause is the accidental leak of Neymar’s Brazilian teammate’s phone number.

One of Twitch’s guidelines dictates that Putting out other people’s personal information, like addresses and phone numbers is against community guidelines and terms of service. exposing anyone’s personal information can result in suspensions or permanent bans.

Apparently, during Neymar’s October 18 stream, he tried calling Richarlison and accidentally showed the phone number.

The moment Neymar Leaked his teammate's phone number on stream
Credit: NeymarJr Twitch Channel

Neymar’s Brazilian teammate Richarlison confirmed that Neymar indeed leaked his phone number as he got over 10 thousand messages within 5 minutes. Richarlison tweeted saying,

“5 minutes and already has more than 10 thousand messages thank you @neymarjr” – Translated via Google Translate.

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