Newly Reworked Aurelion Sol Disabled

After much anticipation of the new Aurelion Sol, he has now been disabled due to a game breaking bug.

Over the course of the last few years, we have seen many disables being done by Riot in League of Legends. For most of them, it is due to some gamebreaking bugs. A while ago, we had Neeko disabled due to her turning into a tower during her ultimate. Also, we had the immediate Orianna bug fix at Worlds for the shockwave interaction.

Thus, throughout the course of the League of Legends experience, we have had many champions/skins disabled for interaction reasons. The new Aurelion Sol has a kit that is filled with a lot of interactions. At its base level, his Q – Breath of Light can stack on enemies and can be used in conjunction with his W – Astral flight.

Since his Astral Flight can be combined with his other abilities while he is on flight makes, that interaction is powerful. However, Aurelion Sol has popped up a lot of bugs, including a gamebreaking one. Hence, Riot was forced to disable him. Let’s discuss the reason why Aurelion Sol was disabled.

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Aurelion Sol Gamebreaking Bugs

It’s quite rare to have a situation where there are multiple Aurelion Sol bugs in one go. While people will know that there are many more bugs regarding the champion, we are only talking about the gamebreaking ones. There are many reported instances of his abilities getting locked out of use and only dying fixes it and such.

With so many bugs popping up for the champion, what took it over the line was this gamebreaking bug. Here is the biggest Aurelion Sol bug that forced Riot to disable him until they fix the issues.

W – Astral Flight Resets Abilities E and R

Interestingly, his Astral Flight does a lot of stuff in terms of ability chaining. However, that has created bugs, as during his Astral Flight, you can cast his R – Falling Star/The Skies Descend or E – Singularity if either or both are on cooldown. So, even with the abilities being in cooldown, you can still cast them.

That is probably one of the strongest bugs League of Legends has seen, considering his abilities scale off of Stardust, and each ability use gains his Stardust. Vandiril displayed the bug in action.

Video Credit: Vandiril

The sad part is that this is not the only bug Aurelion Sol has. There are plenty more, as we mentioned. One thing to understand is that Riot couldn’t actually test Aurelion Sol properly due to the social engineering attack. PBE did not receive updates for a long time, and internal testing platforms were down for them. So, while the bugs are frustrating, Riot did come out with this release unprepared.

It’s another topic entirely to talk about why Riot would do such a thing, so perhaps delaying it was the best call. However, that did not happen, so now Riot has to fix the issues regarding Aurelion Sol. So hopefully, Riot will take their time to fix Aurelion Sol before we can get him back for our games.

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