Newest VALORANT Agent: Astra leaked!

Ashraful Abedin
By Ashraful Abedin
2 Min Read
Image via Riot

There has been quite a number of hints and easter eggs regarding the upcoming VALORANT agent for the past few weeks now. Today, we get to see the first look at the character design, abilities and ultimate of VALORANT’s newest agent Astra.

The latest Agent named ‘Astra’ is VALORANT’s 15th agent. As previously announced by Riot, the newest agent is a Controller. She has both smoke and stun abilities. She also has an ability for crowd control and an ultimate that impairs vision.

New Agent abilities

Name: “Astra”

  • Remote smoke activation
  • Remote Stun activation
  • Remote activation of a gravitic ability that pulls enemies towards it
  • Ultimate is a massive purple Viper-wall-like ability that you can’t see or shoot through (abilities do go through)

From what we have seen in the video, it seems like she can enter an astral plane and place her abilities. Later in the round she can activate and cast them, each having a different effect. She can set up smokes and stuns in important strategic points early on in the game and wait for the unsuspecting enemies passing by. Enemies pushing through those areas controlled by Astra are going to be in for a tough time.

Astra is looking pretty strong with her array of abilities. She is the only agent in the game having smokes, stun, and a crowd-control ability. How she will perform in-game though, that remains yet to be seen when she is released.

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