New Weather Wings is the Possible Free Reward In Fortnite, For Winners of Car Race

New Weather Wings backbling is the possible free reward for winners of car race in Fortnite.

Players have been complaining about the lack of mobility in Fortnite since Chapter 2 season 2. Finally during the trailer for season 3 Epic Games teased cars coming to Fortnite.

Fortnite Battle Royale will see the addition of cars tomorrow on 21st July. Players have been waiting since the beginning of Season 3 to drive cars around the Fortnite island. The water level is also going down to make cars more useful. All the islands are now connected by road so players can travel between them in cars.

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Free Weather Wings Backbling

A new LTM might also be added to the game along with cars. The LTM is going to be called Chrome LTM. Apparently in this LTM players need to race around in cars.

There seems to be also some free challenges coming out with the addition of cars in Fortnite. According to a leaker named Red_Sans_ players can earn the Weather Backbling for free by winning a race.

He found the existence of this back bling in the game files and it is somehow related to street racing. He also mentioned this back bling possibly being a free reward for winning a race.

The idea of free reward for racing a car in Fortnite sounds fun because it will encourage players to grind out for a win in the Chrome LTM.

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