New Valorant bug now allows Sova to fly with the help of Owl Drone

After the worldwide deployment of Patch 1.11, players have mass reported a bug that originated from Sova’s Owl Drone.

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Sova is a crucial part of any professional Valorant team. As an initiator agent, Sova’s primary ability is a Recon Bolt which reveals enemy positions. In expert hands, Sova Shak Dart volleys can devastate pre-occupied enemy positions. However, the recently discovered bug is about Sova’s other ability, the Own Drone.

Patch 1.11 has been the single most unstable release from RIOT since the launch of Valorant. RIOT even rolled back the patch after receiving negative feedback from the community. After overhauling patch 1.11, RIOT again made it available for players.

Everything Wrong With The Owl Drone

Multiple players have complained about Sova getting displaced from his position upon launching the Owl Drone. Players have encountered this weird issue across all available maps. In addition to this, another problem popped up when some players noticed the Owl Drone basically getting stuck inside Sova’s body.

However, according to a Redditor named Gaurav-07, Sova can float to a certain position with the assistance of his Owl Drone. In his video, the Owl Drone is literally dragging Sova to some elevated points in Bind and Ascent respectively. Under normal scenarios, these positions are only accessible for agents like Jett and Omen. Gaurav-07 also mentioned that the bug doesn’t interfere with Sova’s character model.

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Developers at RIOT worked tirelessly to stabilize Patch 1.11’s performance. Even after a complete re-work on Patch 1.11, some issues with custom servers still seem to muddle through unnoticed. However, RIOT is yet to acknowledge these issues with the Owl Drone. With several tournaments scheduled to take place soon, RIOT needs to get rid of these bugs urgently.

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