New-season 5 bug lets you teleport with Loba in Apex Legends

This glitch lets you teleport with Loba

Apex Legends new character Loba has the ability to teleport a short distance using her jump drive bracelet.

As soon as players started to play alongside her they discovered a bug that lets you teleport with her. Judging by the patch notes for Loba, it is pretty clear that it wasn’t an intentional choice made by Respawn. Whether or not you can actually recreate it consistently is still up for debate right now.

How to recreate it

Right now it is still not clear what actually triggers this phenomenon. Although if you look closely at the clip you can clearly see that if you can be in close proximity with Loba at the exact moment when she uses her tactical jump dive bracelet, there is a good possibility that one can recreate it.

However, it is most likely a bug that is caused by extremely rare circumstances. Players won’t have to worry about a whole squad teleporting behind them. Respawn has not acknowledged anything regarding this bug as of yet. Thus there still isn’t a clear indication from Respawn whether or not this will ever get a fix.

Seems like Respawn has already had their hands full with all the hit registration issues that they are currently facing with the launch of Season 5. Although they did release a server patch after much community complaints. That should fix all the “no reg” issues that are pleaging the new season right now.

Season 5 of Apex Legends brought so many welcomed changes that include a much-requested “reconnect” feature, weapon balances, new character Loba, Legend balances, long-awaited Mirage buff, etc. All these positive changes are being muddled with some unwanted server issues and bugs.


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