Epic Released New Party Royale LTM In The 12.50 Update

In the latest 12.50 update, Fortnite just released the new Party Royale game mode for BR.

Fortnite content creators and leakers got an email after the update this Wednesday about the new highlights of the new update.

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What we thought to be the new season leaks about the plaza turned out to be a new map with a new game mode attached to it. The game mode is called Party Royale.

The Map:

The map is a smaller version of the chapter 2 map with a central island and water surrounding it on all sides. The central island hosts a plaza of some sort and there are a variety of activities to be done all around the map.

Party Royale Map
Party Royale LTM Map

In the picture of the map, we can see Glider challenges, Parkour challenges, Boat challenges, Quad Bike challenges, etc. The Minigames are marked by purple, red, blue, and orange respectively.

There is also another icon marked with a football. Although we didn’t get any leaks about this particular minigame we can assume that it is a type of Football match of some sort between two teams.

The map also has the Cattus Monster skeleton as a cool easter egg to the epic Robot Vs Monster Battle.


Three Posters for the Party Royale LTM were also released

Party Royale Posters
Party Royale Posters

The popular Fortnite leaker FortTory shared this on his twitter.

Locations in Party Royale:

The leaker FireMonkey Released the different location names in the map.

Things you can get in Party Royale:

He also revealed what are the items and toys that we can use during the LTM.

Emotes You can use during the LTM:

These are the 9 different emotes that can be used during the LTM.

Party Royale emotes
Party Royale emotes

Free Reactive Backbling:

There is also going to be free reactive Neon wings back-bling for participating in the LTM.

Neon Wings Back-bling
Neon Wings Back-bling

It really seems like epic wants players to play this LTM.

After the success of the Travis Scott event this new LTM will keep the buzz about Fortnite alive and there is no doubt about it. Its going to be a fun and relaxing place to hang out with friends and play some minigames.

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