New Outriders Patch Note Brings Free Gifts, New Buffs, And More

New Outriders Patch note includes free legendary weapon for all players.

Outriders certainly did not have the best release with all kinds of issues in the game. Although, loyal fans are finally getting rewarded for their loyalty. Outriders announced their “Outriders Appreciation Package” will be coming as a gift for all the gamers. Moreover, the package will include a random Legendary Weapon, a new emote, and a bunch of extra Titanium.

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When you jump in Outriders next, your most experienced character will receive a random free gold-rolled legendary weapon that you do not have. Furthermore, players will also get extra titanium based on their character’s level. In fact, to top it all off, the ‘frustration’ emote is yours to keep aswell.

Besides this, some buffs are also coming to the game. We have made a list below of what is coming:

Outriders Patch Note:


  • Reflect Bullets getting a 250% damage increase
  • Reflect Bullets’ Bullet Acceleration mod getting increase to 330% damage
  • Impale health regen increased by 50%
  • Impale Vlad’s Grasp mod has range increased by 100% up from 25%


  • FASER Beam getting a 100% damage increase
  • FASER Beam now scales more with increased anomaly power
  • Volcanic Armor mod damage reduction is now 65%, up from 50%

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  • The RPG of Tool of Destruction is getting a 66% damage increase and its minimum range increased by 50%.
  • Tool of Destruction’s Demolition Man mod has been increased to 65 base damage from 35.
  • Fixing Wave healing increased to 65% from 33%
  • Cold Snap’s Frostbite mod now decreases enemy armor by 100%, up from 35%
  • Cold Snap’s Ice Ice Baby mod has had its damage increased by 300%
  • Freeze Turret now lasts 50% longer


  • Borrowed Time’s Aggressive Teleportation mod damage has been increased by 111%
  • Hunt the Prey’s Backstabber mod has been increased by 100%
  • Temporal Slice’s Strong Slice mod has been increased by 71%

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