New Nintendo Switch models could be coming in 2021

As per a report in Taipei, we could be seeing a new and better Nintendo Switch consoles in 2021.

Economic Daily News in Taipei has reported that a new line of Nintendo Switch models will be in production at the end of this year. Furthermore, it has also stated that these newer models will be available in early 2021.

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According to the reports, the newer consoles are set to have upgraded hardware, for a better gaming experience. Such as better visuals and better quality of life improvements. We could be seeing a larger storage capacity, much needed at this point.

For Nintendo, multiple iterations of the same console are nothing new. In fact, a lot of their machines have seen a few upgraded releases. Such as the Dsi from the DS and the New 3ds and 2ds. Each of them was received very well and also sold well, for their improvements.

Although rumors are to be not trusted 100% all the time, fans have been longing for new Nintendo Switch models. Apart, from revisioned versions that had better security and upgraded battery life, we only got a Switch lite. A very cheap and convenient, but lower-powered handheld only version of the beloved console.

Hence, it is due time that gamers get an improved Nintendo Switch for a better and easier experience. Especially with all the large games releasing, expanded storage and stronger hardware would be a dream come true right now.

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