New Nintendo Direct rumors surface, to be held soon

A mysterious new Nintendo Direct archives webpage update has led to rumors that a new Direct will soon be shown.

Nintendo has mostly been silent on big announcements except one or two. Moreover, their signature game show, Nintendo Direct has been on hiatus for a while. The last complete Nintendo Direct was held in September of 2019.

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While Nintendo managed to keep its community calm with mini directs for the whole of 2020. These are short quick announcements of games but mostly, DLCs and expansions.

But now, new rumors are surfacing for a brand new Nintendo Direct event. Reddit user porkydickson posted about a site called Visio Spark. This site monitor and tracks updates and activities of other websites. Similarly, the site shows that the Nintendo Direct archives webpage got an update on January 8 of 2021.

Although this points to a possibility that we will soon see a new Nintendo Direct full of new games and announcements. You should take this news with a grain of salt. As this is not the first time the page got updated. In fact, the page got regular updates and so on.

Nevertheless, this has sparked anticipation of a fully-fledged Nintendo Direct. Especially since we haven’t heard much of the Breath of the Wild sequel and the new Metroid Prime 4.

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