New Leaks Suggests Thor’s Hammer Might Land in Fortnite as part of End of Season Event

A new leak has recently surfaced that suggests that Thor’s hammer might land in the Fortnite map as part of the end of season event.

We all know that the next season will be Marvel Comic themed. Every leak up to now suggests that Thor will be arriving in Fortnite as part of the story of season 4. We will also be getting a lot of other Marvel skins in the Battle Pass as well. The one thing we had no clue about was the end of the season event.

In the comic books, we saw Thor coming to the island to warn it’s residents about the upcoming danger. They did not understand his language and instead shot him in the back. Then we saw Thor hit Jonesy in the face. Hopefully, he can make them understand that he is not a threat.

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Thor’s Hammer Landing

Recently we got a leak that the end of the season event that happens every season is going to happen in this season too. The event will apparently start by Thor’s hammer landing in the Fortnite Map.

According to sepcidey1 on Twitter Thor’s hammer will land near Salty Springs. The images that he provided shows the location of the impact of the hammer.

In the first image, we can see the impact Thor’s hammer will make upon landing on the Fortnite island. The trees to the left of the image are trees from Weeping Woods. We can also see flopper pong in view. So that means the hammer will land close to Salty Springs.

In the next image, we can see a closeup of the hammer. The hammer is seen landing upright on the ground. Maybe we have to pick it up and use it as a Mythic weapon in season 4.

When is The Hammer Arriving?

According to another leaker, Thor’s hammer will be arriving in the next few hours. That means at the time of writing this article less than an hour is left for the hammer’s arrival.

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