New Leaks and Details On The Upcoming Battlefield 2021

A new leak pops up as the hype for Battlefield 2021 increases.

In the list of hyped-up games this year, the upcoming new Battlefield game is at the top. There have been multiple rumors as to what is about to come from EA and Dice. Call of Duty is the number one competitor of Battlefield, and it has taken the online multiplayer world by a storm. In fact, Warzone is now one of the most played battle royale games in 2020 and 2021 till now.

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A new leak on Battlefield 2021 was posted by a Redditor claiming he knows someone that works in Dice LA. The Redditor supported the earlier leak fueled by Tom Henderson. Tom predicted in the new Battlefield game fans will play the role of fallen soldiers on the battlefield. So with a grain of salt and a pinch of hope, let’s dive into the leak.

Story and Setting-

Battlefield 2021 will take place in the 2030s, where war has outraged, between the US and Russia. The world has been destroyed due to a weather-altering machine causing a second cold war. The Redditor confirmed that gamers will play as fallen soldiers in a post-apocalyptic setting. Furthermore, he concludes that the game will launch with 13 maps around the world. The places will include Central/East Europe, Middle East, East Asia, Middle East, and Europe. Moreover, the battle royale can hold up to 128 players, and gamers can choose factions and sides. Each map will have its unique factions and classes you can choose to play.

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Now lets dive into the gameplay leaks confirmed by the Redditor-

Gameplay Leaks-

  • Conquest is a little different now, as gamers will still capture and defend points but with a twist now. Conquest will hold small objectives, and completing them will give you advantages over the enemy team. These objectives will be random, and each with its own affinity.
  • Assault, Engineer, Support, and Recon, will make a return along with more subclasses. The sub-classes will include different weapons, and each will play a different role.
  • They have tested squads with 4,5, and 6 members at times, so we might get different modes.
  • Only the squad leader can spawn the entire squad.
  • The spawn screen from BattleField 4 is back and will now include the number of players included in each class and subclass. Dice has also put an upper and lower limit on the number of players who can choose each class.
  • Only the medic can now revive players on the battlefield, and players will have 100% health after getting revived by a teammate medic.
  • The games will feature all kinds of weapons from the Cold War era to the current era. It will include classics and prototype weapons.
  • The game will include powerful weapons and battle pickups in the maps, which will give a fair advantage.

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