New leak reveals Resident Evil’s Leon skin for Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege is set to continue their collaboration with Resident Evil, as Ubisoft plans to add a new skin from Capcom’s title that has now been leaked.

In March, Ubisoft introduced the first Rainbow Six Siege x Resident Evil crossover skin, which featured a Jill Valentine elite set for Zofia. The company also promised more RE skins to be released in the future, and the leak seems to have confirmed that promise.

After digging through the game files, R6S leaker killahtree shared a video, which reveals that Leon S. Kennedy will be the next Resident Evil character added to Siege.

As the leaks suggest, the Leon Kennedy skin will be added as a brand-new elite set for the Rainbow Six Siege operator: Lion. While the current version of the elite animation video looks a bit janky with the operator only pulling out shotguns, it still provides a clear picture of what Leon would look like in Rainbow’s art style.

Although the face might not seem very similar, the hairstyle and outfit make him instantly recognizable as one of RE’s most famous characters.

zofia jill valentine elite skin
Screenshot from Rainbow Six Siege

As we said earlier, this isn’t the first Resident Evil crossover for Rainbow Six Siege. Like the previous Zofia’s Jill Valentine elite set, the Leon skin will most probably cost the same 1,800 R6 Credits. But we’ll still have to wait for official confirmation from Ubisoft, so stay tuned for the latest updates.

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