New information revealed that Crypto’s story in Apex Legends has just begun

Crypto has deep ties to the Apex games

Back in season 3, when Crypto was announced as the new playable character in Apex Legends, his backstory really intrigued a lot of fans mainly because it was quite tragic.

Apparently Crypto’s main ambition is to get revenge on the people that took his life away from him. As it turns out there were some clues back in season three that we all missed and it has heavy ties with season 5’s loading screen “IT TAKES A LIAR“.

Some individual with the initial Q.W. whose identity is still unknown is allegedly responsible for turning Crypto into who he is today. Ever since that incident in the Apex cinematic “Forever Family“, he has done everything he could to make it into the Apex games to get one step closer to this mysterious figure.

Additionally Crypto’s Voice actor Johnny Young explained during an interview that Crypto has a deep back story. His drive for revenge might also be further explored in the upcoming events. Young also emphasized that every tool that he possesses in his arsenal has a purpose. He further claims that the writers told him a lot about Crypto’s backstory that he can’t reveal right now.

However, it is pretty clear from the emails that Loba and Crypto have deep ties to the Apex games. Respawn has been teasing us with these tiny details way back in season three. This just shows how much Respawn usually plans ahead. Therefore the upcoming Quest called “The Broken Ghost” could be more influential to the whole Apex lore than fans initially suspected. Thus it makes more sense for Respawn to explore Crypto’s beef with the Apex games in the form of quests or events from here on.

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