New games are coming to Game Pass in February 2021

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Microsoft just announced the list of games coming to Game Pass in February.

The world’s best gaming subscription has been making headlines one after the other. Since it was announced, it has hit more than 18 million users. Microsoft has been adding fan favorites and new games each month. With Game Pass now including EA play too, they certainly have the upper hand in the console market.

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New games coming to Game Pass in these last days of February got announced today by Microsoft. Coming on Feb 18th, Racer WreckFest for console, cloud, PC, and ARPG Code Vein for PC. Moreover, on that very day, Obsidian’s Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire – Ultimate Edition for console and cloud.

Microsoft also made free-to-play games playable without Xbox Live Gold recently. They have made the platform better in every way possible, and now all they need is good exclusives to dominate the console market. However, getting back on the subject for today. Killer Bee Black is coming to console and cloud on 25th February.

On Feb 25th, we are also getting Dirt 5 for PC, console, and cloud, whereas Superhot: Mind Control Delete is only coming to PC. The last game getting added for February is Elite Dangerous coming to console only.

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We will also see some games leaving the subscription this month.

24th February
  • Dirt 4 (console).
28th February
  • Mother Russia Bleeds (PC).
  • Oxenfree (console and PC).
  • The Jackbox Party Pack 4 (console).
  • Vambrace: Cold Soul (console and PC).
  • Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight (console and PC).

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