New Fortnite Performance Mode Will Make the Game Faster and Lighter on PC

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Epic Games

A new performance mode for Fortnite is coming soon and it will make Fortnite feel much smoother, faster, and lighter on PC.

Fortnite when it was first released took only about 16 GB on PC. The game also used to feel much smoother on low-end PC’s. Epic Games started adding frequent updates and introduced many new items, weapons, and map changes. These changes made the game size increase drastically and the game reached about 90 GB. A few months back Epic Games introduced an update where all the files were compressed and the game size reduced by about 60 GB. But older hardware just didn’t have the smoothness it had back in Chapter 1.

Now Epic Games is bringing in a new performance mode that aims to improve Fortnite’s performance on older PC’s and also reduce the size it will take. This performance mode will also decrease the load on CPUs and GPUs on older specs.

Epic Games recently released a Tweet about the new performance mode coming to Fortnite.

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Fortnite Performance Mode:

The performance mode feature will be available for all PCs that meet the Fortnite minimum requirements on December 15. This new performance mode will be in the ALPHA stage at launch and more features will be added in the future.

For players who are already playing on low resolution and have weak hardware, this mode will make the game run better than ever and also prevent the framerate from jumping all over the place.

The performance mode is by default an opt-in feature and players can opt-out or opt-in any time by using the in-game settings found under the advance settings option in-game.

Save Space by Disabling High-Resolution Textures:

Players who have limited hard drive space or do not want Fortnite to take up much space can disable high-resolution textures to save space on their drive. Follow the steps below to disable high-resolution textures and save about 14 GB of space on your hard drive-

1. Open the Epic Games Launcher.

2. Click on Library.

3. Locate Fortnite and click on the three dots next to it.

4.Click on Options.

5.un-check the box next to Use High-Quality Textures.

Opting out of high-resolution texture will make the game size as low as 17 GB.

Expected Performance Increase:

With the performance mode enable and high-resolution textures disable players can expect to get a significant increase in overall FPS in Fortnite. Below are two comparisons of FPS increase after using the performance mode in Fortnite.

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Nawshad Noor is a former Editor at GameRiv.