New COD Modern Warfare battle royale map leaked

It will be free to play add on?

The new Modern Warfare game surprisingly didn’t launch with any battle royale modes. But if all the leaks and rumors are true than a battle royale mode is on the way.

Last year’s Modern Warfare was received mostly positive due to all the changes leading towards a realism approach to a Call of duty game. Even though the multiplayer received a mixed reception, the single-player campaign was highly appreciated.

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Last year there were some rumors about a possible battle royale mode. Rumors indicated that Activision created one massive battle royale map and then divided it into smaller chunks to play other COD modes.

Leaked Battle Royale Map

battle royale map modern warfare
Courtesy: r/modernwarfare

Dataminers talked about such a map last year. If recent leaks are any indication than most people are kind of convinced at this moment about possibility of a BR mode. Apparently this BR will be called “Warzone“.

Leakers are claiming that there is a big possibility of this mode coming out this month. There is also a rumor going around about the BR mode being a free to play add on. The core game will not be free if rumors are to be believed. Since there is still no confirmation about such news from Activision, it is a good practice to take all this news with a grain of salt.

Hopefully, we can get a free version of the battle royale mode. With all the leaks indicating a BR, it is possible that Activision might announce something concrete really soon.

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