New Call of Duty 2020 leak reveals game title, modes, features and more

A new Call of Duty 2020 leak has been surfacing on the internet and according to it, the new title will be called “Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War”.

YouTuber XclusiveAce has posted a new detailed video, where he shared all the new information of the 2020 Call of Duty game from a “source” that has shown him actual gameplay, video footage, map overviews, and more. In the video, he revealed that the 2020 game will feature Zombies, Campaign, MP, alongside Warzone.

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The video has now been set to private. Here’s what was revealed:

  • 2020 game is in fact set during Cold War era.
  • Game is “actually in a good state” with “MP maps almost done.”
  • The campaign is in “fully playable state” but not all animations are complete yet.
  • He says there will be a new map for Warzone with 2020 game, and says he has seen an “overview of the new Warzone map.”
  • Standard Mini-Map is back, similar to the previous Call of Duty games prior to Modern Warfare
  • Even with standard mini-map back, there is also a compass (which was introduced in Modern Warfare)
  • Swimming mechanic returns, and there will be water in MP maps alongside water in the new “Warzone map.”
  • Unlimited sprint is back.
  • No interact doors in regular. Mechanic stays in Warzone.
  • 10 MP maps are apparently developed so far, more probably in works. Treyarch style maps.
    • One map is “very small” and a boat on the Black Sea
    • “Tank” – which is the map that was shown in the leaked gameplay earlier
  • No Specialists, but a Field Upgrade-like feature returning.
  • He says that you get one piece from equipment to choose from.
  • Scorestreaks will return.
  • There is NO Dead Silence in the game at this time. It’s not a perk. He cannot confirm how footstep audio is right now.
  • 150 Health (similar to Black Ops 4) but has auto-heal.
  • Create-A-Class is “unique.” Hybrid between Pick-10 and classic. No Gunsmith.
  • 6v6 is the standard player count. There is no Gunfight mode.
  • There is “apparently a mode” in MP that takes place on various sections of the new Warzone map.
  • New Warzone map apparently takes place in Russia.
  • The release was originally set for the end of Q3. However, XclusiveAce claims that the date has been tentatively pushed back until early Q4 (October/November).

(Source: Charlie Intel)

However, Activision still has not revealed any official information for the 2020 Call of Duty game so take all this information with a grain of salt. We still have to wait for the official reveal of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, so stay tuned for that.


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