New Best MultiVersus Mods

Learn about the latest and best MultiVersus mods that you can try out today, and yes, parental advisory included.

MultiVersus is now not just a clash of Multiverses. The diversification is only your imagination. And with certain modifications, it seems like the popular game was already waiting for this. However, we will be lying if we say we didn’t want Bugs Bunny to look like Walter White.

Before heading any further, I presume you have overcome certain lag issues, like Blah blah and Blah. If not, you can check out the solution. Otherwise, what’s the fun if you cannot enjoy the mods properly in MultiVersus.

Best Mods in MultiVersus

We will be diving down shortly, but before that, I have to finish my formalities. The mods that we will discuss here are based on uncertainty about whether you have a chance of getting banned or not. I presume, after all this time, my formality is just a fluke. However, hop in!

A True Amazonian

The descendant of Zeus and the sole protector of the Amazon vows to kneel before no one. With that motto in mind, she tends to be more muscular than ever. And it seems like the muscle layer might even compete against that Kryptonian. This mod is, however, safe for online playing.

Get the Thicc Amazonian skin from here.

Wonder Woman Best MultiVersus Mods
Credit: TheEnderDwonk

How high can the FPS be?

Yes, pretty high. Assume you want to feel you are driving your Lambo on a free highway. That will be the limit. In this mod, however, you will have a limit up to 165 FPS, whereas you were getting 60 FPS as general. Now, feel the magic in the air.

Check out the mod from here.

fps Best MultiVersus Mods
Credit: camtino

Quinn Bowsette

As Harley Quinn wasn’t chaotic enough, creator Beyonderz thought of replacing her skin with a gender-bend version of Bowser from Super Mario. And what could be better than seeing a neurotic Quinn Bowsette punching (or punishing?) her foes while thrashing them to the ground? I should stop.

Get Bowsette skin from here.

Bowsette Best MultiVersus Mods
Credit: AlpOmegalevel

The Thiccer, The Crazier

For the Harley fanbase, why would you replace it when there’s already a better option waiting? Yes, Harley now comes as an option where she tends to get a bit curvy even though the Joker seems to like to bat-curve more than that. Well, she gets chaotic over this more than ever.

Get the crazy Quinn skin from here.

Harley Quinn Best MultiVersus Mods
Credit: DaisyTeddyAmy77

2B of Winterfell

2B from NieR: Automata can be a suitable modification over Arya Stark of Winterfell. After all, both are blind (well, at some point). This battle android comes with both the blindfold on and off versions. Moreover, Arya’s sword is also replaced by 2B’s Virtuous Contract. And the little knife that Arya carries, gets replaced by a mini Beastlord.

Get 2B’s skin from here.

2B Best MultiVersus Mods
Credit: BaronOBeefDip3D


Imagine the MultiVersus turned into LegoVersus. That would be pretty awesome. All the characters remained the same only their lego versions will represent them in the arena of MultiVersus. Creator Snekplays uploaded this one. This one is safe to use as well.

Get the lego skin pack from here.

Best MultiVersus Mods
Credit: snekplays

Better Call Shaggy!

The infamous lawyer Saul Goodman is just one phone call away from solving all your life-long issues—let it be a drug deal issue or installing an illegal mod over the origin file. However, not only will he defend, but he also can get offended to an extent where the Ultra Instinct gets released from him.

Check out the mod from here.

Saul Best MultiVersus Mods
Credit: IX_Productions

It’s Adventure Time!

The famous characters from Adventure Time, Finn, Jake, Scarlet Sword, and BMO are now making an appearance in the MultiVersus with their Minecraft version. In the mod, you will find each of these characters has their portrait. Modder Junior0428 gave his utter best while creating this mod.

Get the Adventure Time crew from here.

Adventure Time Best MultiVersus Mods
Credit: junior0428

The Optimus Giant

The big Iron fella can be replaced with Optimus Prime. Moreover, this mod has a voiceover pack and optional Toon shading. I hope creator Metrunui lets the other members of the Autobots join with the Prime.

Get the Optimus Prime skin and voiceover pack from here.

optimus prime Best MultiVersus Mods
Credit: Metrunui

Free Camera Movement

Unlock your view and see from a different perspective. Yes, I am saying this as its literal meaning. This mod will create a new HUD element that will let you have ultimate control over the camera. Moreover, this mod will also allow you to adjust the Saturation, Hue and much more customizable option with a mini toolbar.

Point to be noted; this mod will ONLY appear in the Lab. Thanks to creator UltiMa647, you can report any issues to him directly.

Get the mod from here.

Best MultiVersus Mods
Credit: UltIMa647

These are the new best mods you will find for MultiVersus, according to the internet people (and us). Cheers!

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