New “artifact” leak strongly suggests the next character in the upcoming season 6 of Apex Legends


The final reward for the Broken Ghost quest in season 5 of Apex legends has been leaked and it strongly suggests a new Legend called “Ash”.

Reliable Apex data miner Biast12(Tobias) on twitter recently revealed the whole model of the artifact that we received in the first act of the quest. And it allegedly revealed the name of the upcoming legend.

From what we can observe, the artifact that we received in the first act of the Broken Ghost quest is one part of of the puzzle that will combine together to form Ash’s head. The head uses a texture that clearly states “ash_head_1“. Meaning that at the end of the quest, we might have all the parts necessary to build this robot head.

Respawn seems to have something big planned for the next season. As they have already started to give us a strong hint regarding the next season. At this point, data miners are convinced that Ash is, in fact, the next character that Respawn has planned for us.

However, Respawn usually works months in advance. Therefore, there is still a good chance that even if we get Ash’s head as the final reward for the quest, some other legend might get a priority before her. As we have witnessed in the past how Respawn likes to surprise us with wildcards like Revenant. Regardless take all these with a healthy grain of salt.

Season 5 of Apex has been received really well despite all the “no reg” issues that players were dealing with every day. Since then Respawn has acknowledged the problem and is working towards a possible fix.


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