New Alibi rework idea could make her holograms a lot more viable in-game

Back in Operation Para Bellum, Ubisoft introduced Alibi and Maestro to the operator line-up. Both the new operators were quite well-received by the community, especially Maestro who was considered to be very powerful with his Evil Eyes and his unstoppable Alda LMG.

But over the years, we got to see Maestro lose his Acog, but he still remains to be a very strong Operator in the game. On the other hand, Alibi seems to be one of the most underutilized Operators in the game. She has the Mx4 Storm SMG, which can be fun occasionally, but has quite a low damage compared to other guns in Rainbow Six Siege.

Alibi’s Prisma hologram seems to be the most underpowered part of her line-up. The holograms are quite easy to detect for experienced players and they only deploy with the model standing up. It also uses only the default skin of Alibi, which makes her cosmetics basically unusable. The devs stated that this issue exists because of some game-engine limitations, which cannot be fixed very easily.

Alibi Rework Idea

Today on Reddit, a player shared a potential rework for Alibi, which should definitely make her a more viable option for players.

Alissan_Web proposed an idea for Alibi, “which allows her hologram to take different poses, crouching, prone, etc.” This means the players will have control over setting their holograms in the crouch or prone state. With an added level of control, Alibi’s skill level should also increase, giving experienced players a slight advantage. However, we are not sure if this feature can even be supported by the game engine.

Some players have stated that deploying the hologram in a prone position will make the gadget almost indestructible without getting pinged, which is a valid concern.

Alibi could use this rework as currently she has a very low presence in Pro play and ranked matches. In the latest Designer’s Notes, Ubisoft showed that her presence is lower than 10%, indicating an under picked operator.

Despite being a 3-speed defender, her Prisma gadgets leaves a lot to be desired. So, maybe this is the potential rework she needs to climb up to the charts, and have an overall greater presence in the game.

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