New Agent teased by Riot for the upcoming patch 3.0 along with balance changes for Yoru, Skye, Astra, and Breach

In the latest developer update on the state of the agents, Riot teased a new agent. They also announced some balance changes for 4 agents in the upcoming patch.

It has been quite a while since Astra was announced back in March of this year. The fans have been demanding a new agent for a long time now and finally today Riot announced that a new agent will be coming soon.

Also, there have been changes announced for Breach, Skye, Yoru, and Astra. Breach and Skye’s ability to throw three consecutive flashes are extremely strong and Riot has plans to tweak that and include self-sufficiency to them. Yoru’s fakeout is set to receive some buffs and some nerfs are planned for Astra.

Agent Balance changes

  • Breach / Skye
    • The goal here is to provide Breach and Skye with more self-sufficiency, to do so, we’re looking to remove their ability to dish out 3 consecutive flashes.
    • For Breach we are looking to balance power across his kit, instead of it all sitting on his flash.
  • Yoru
    • We’re exploring an increase to the power within his unique playspace.
    • One of the big opportunities here is to make “Fakeout” a more impactful ability.
  • Astra
    • The galaxy brain Agent provides a specific playstyle to the game, but we’re looking to take some steps to add more counterplay to some of her play patterns that are too oppressive in coordinated play.

New Agent announced

Riot has also announced a new Agent to come along with patch 3.0. There has been no concrete information given out by Riot yet, the name of the teaser image was titled “Data_Transfer”. This might be a clue into what the unique ability of the new agent might be.

According to Riot, “This time around we are throwing in some abilities that should feel familiar to folks who’ve played traditional FPS games their whole lives, but with added elements that will make those recognizable abilities unique within our roster. This is an Agent whose utility can create moments where you must rely on your gunplay.”

With Abilities being very overwhelming in the current meta, a lot of players have been complaining. Riot has focused on the issue so we can speculate that the new agent might have such an ability that mitigates agent abilities and make the fight to be purely reliant on gunfights.

The gunplay enforcing new agent seems very interesting as well as balance changes for Breach and Skye’s flashes would be something to look forward to. Keep your eyes on the website as we will bring you the latest news of patch 3.0 when it releases.

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