Netflix has a new VTuber named N-Ko

Adiba Chowdhury
By Adiba Chowdhury
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Meet Netflix’s virtual Youtuber N-Ko Mei Kurono, a demi-human with Human x Sheep features.

If you are still in disbelief, then yes, you did read that right. The streaming giant Netflix now has its very own virtual Youtuber (or VTuber, for short). N-Ko made her very first appearance and introduction on Netflix Anime’s official YouTube channel.

So, what do we know about her so far? Well, she is a bilingual Half-Human, Half-Sheep demi-human figure born and raised in California. In her introduction video, she mentions that her birthday is on August 27th of 1997 – making her 23 years old. Moreover, halfway through the video, she shows off her fluency in both English and Japanese.

Rob Pereyda, who is Netflix’s Head of Anime, Editorial and Publishing has commented:

“A lot of us at Netflix are big VTuber fans, so when we looked at how we could find new ways to connect our members with anime titles they’ll love, creating our own VTuber was one of the first ideas that came to mind”

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Furthermore, She can be seen sporting Netflix’s iconic Black and Red combination in her choice of attire, with an N-clip on her white, wavy hair. However, whether the N represents Netflix or her own name is still a mystery.

Watch the introduction video here:

So, what is her job? Well, it seems that N-Ko is Netflix Anime’s new Manager and Brand Ambassador. She is voiced by a Netflix employee who is tasked with the responsibility of collaborating with international platforms to improve the quality of Netflix’s Anime content.

In the video, N-Ko also talks about wanting to expand the anime community. She has promised to upload videos every week. Moreover, She has even hinted at future collaborations with other VTubers. Furthermore, she has mentioned that her content will include a special scoop on Netflix insider news, as well as exciting updates on new shows and movies Netflix has to offer.

In her video, she has also encouraged Anime Lovers to interact with her on YouTube by commenting on her videos or tag her on Twitter posts with the hashtag #N_ko. Although her first video was only over three minutes long, her next video will be much longer. It will be aired on April 30th, 10 AM, JST.

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