Netflix aiming to join the video game industry

Netflix prepares to release video games on its platform as it hires several experienced talents from the industry.

After years of dominating the online movie and series streaming competition, Netflix has announced that it will now expand towards the video game market. Furthermore, to achieve this new endeavor, Netflix has also hired ex-EA and Facebook exec Mike Verdu to supervise the videogame department.

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There were rumors in addition to certain indications that Netflix will soon jump on the gaming scene. Some of their shows included interactive, choose your own path that ends up with different consequences. In fact, Minecraft Story Mode is playable on Netflix too. On the other hand, Netflix even licensed some of their biggest series into games too. Such as Stranger Things. Now it’s clear that Netflix is ready to achieve the same success they did in streaming with video games.

Although Netflix finally announced that they will soon look beyond only series and movies and join the video game wars. That was mostly it. No details were given. Not even anything about their plans or pricing etc. According to a Bloomberg report, we do know that they are not currently planning to charge extra for it. We hope it stays like that.

Now that Netflix joins the new video game wars. It will be interesting to see how they bring in gamers to this service. Of course, streaming will be their medium. But till now Amazon Luna, Google Stadia have both are around for quite a while and could not achieve popularity among gamers yet. That too is when Microsoft’s Xcloud offers such great incentives with Xbox Game Pass.

Netflix has a lot of amazing IPs and franchises in their sleeves and hence, they have the potential to make truly great games. Only time will tell how they’ll utilize their biggest assets.

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