NEO The World Ends With You: How to obtain the Jump Ability

Square Enix’s new RPG offers a brand new experience for RPG fans.

NEO: The Worlds Ends With You is yet another addition to the vast RPG library of Square Enix. They always seem to get better with making new RPGs, as each gives fans a brand new experience. NEO: The Worlds End With You is a game where you will get to own many different kinds of abilities. Furthermore, below we have created a complete guide on how you can obtain the jump ability in Neo The World Ends With You.

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How to obtain jump ability in Neo The World Ends With You Guide:

First of all, to unlock any ability, there are some requirements in Neo The World Ends With You. In fact, these include making progression to a specific part of the story. For acquiring the Jump ability, you will have to progress through Week 1, Day 5. Once you reach this part of the story, now head over to Spain Hill.

How to obtain Jump ability in Neo
Credit- Square Enix

After you reach Spain Hill, you will meet some called Yusei Iseya. Now the player has to dive inside Yusei’s mind using Nagi’s psych and get rid of all the noise enemies inside. Moreover, after removing all the noise enemies from Yusi’s mind, you will be able to find him in your Social Network. It will now allow you to spend Friendship points to unlock his Up-and-Over ability. This ability will also let you jump over railings and low obstacles.

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