NAVI sweep G2 Esports 3-0 and are the Champions of IEM Cologne 2021

In the Grand Final of IEM Cologne 2021 NAVI face off against G2 Esports.

Intel Extreme Masters Season XVI Cologne 2021 was the first Major CSGO tournament that has been held in LAN for a long time. Due to the current world situation settling down in some regions, it was possible to host this massive event on LAN.

NAVI qualified for the tournament from Road to Cologne #2 and G2 Esports qualified from Road to Cologne #6. Both teams are some of the strongest CS:GO teams in the world and tonight they will face off against each other for the title.

Mapwise stats:

Dust II
NAVI 16-11 G2 Esports
NAVI 16-14 G2 Esports
NAVI 16-13 G2 Esports

The first map was Dust 2 which started off with both sides neck and neck. But in the second half, NAVI took the lead and won the map. The second map was Mirage which had a similar first-half score. The second half was similarly competitive but NAVI managed to clinch the map.

The third map was Nuke which was yet again with a neck and neck scoreline. In the second half, Navi managed to take the lead and won the map convincingly.

Aleksandr ‘s1mple‘ Kostyliev, one of the greatest players in CS:GO history does it yet again having the best performance in today’s match as well. He had a +26 KDR and 82.3 ADR.

Thus NAVI are the champions of IEM Cologne 2021 after a 3-0 sweep.

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