Na`Vi CS:GO reinherits the throne

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Recently Na`Vi(Natus Vincere) dethroned Astralis from their number 1 spot after being the kings for 4 straight months.

The CIS giants secured the number 1 spot after winning the IEM Katowice 2020. They bulldozed through Liquid, Astralis and G2, where they were considered the underdogs

Na`Vi win IEM Katowice
Picture from S1mples Twitter

Na`Vi first inherited the throne back is 2016 after being back to back runner up finishes at the MLG Columbus Major and at DreamHack Masters Malmö. However, only six points separate the CIS giants from the Danish giants, Astralis.

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Both Na`Vi and Astralis are off to compete in ESL League Season 11. Both the giants are also going to face each other in the legends stage of the ESL one Rio Major. However, Astralis fans are saying this is a fluke and that Astralis will be back to their number 1 place by the end ESL one Rio Major.

Na`Vi‘s recent form shocked the entire CS:GO community. Many are even claiming Perfecto to be the missing key Na`Vi needed to become a rock-solid team. Perfecto joined after the dismissal of guard1an; the legendary awper. Addition of Perfecto allowed s1mple to comfortably play his role as a hybrid player which in turn helped Na`Vi win the major said by analysts

However, what happens next is unsure and we are uncertain whether we are going to see this dominant Na`Vi roster on top for a long time or not.

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