Murder on Eridanos DLC is confirmed for Nintendo Switch

The adventure RPG’s Murder on Eridanos DLC is coming to Switch.

Outer Worlds released nearly a year later on Switch, but now it’s speeding the process of providing more content. The action and adventure RPG had its first DLC announced on Switch two weeks ago. Now the second expansion Murder on Eridanos pack is coming from the portable console too.

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Outer Worlds is most certainly an intriguing game of 2020, where you build your character and travel through planets. This fun RPG lets you visit planets, fight aliens, gather loot, and save the World. Choices made in the game give rise to a story and a world you create with your travels.

Murder on Eridanos DLC
Credit – Gameradar

Obsidian’s Outer Worlds’ first DLC featured Peril of Gordon, offered new places to visit, a whole new story, and adventure. Furthermore, the second DLC is also coming on Nintendo Switch, as confirmed by Nintendo.

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Not much has been released about the second DLC yet, mainly because the first expansion pack just came out. We can expect a launch in 2021 but there is still no confirmation yet from Nintendo. You can still pre-order it on Nintendo’s Website for £11.99 / $14.99.