MSI Player Rankings

In this article, we will put out our top 20 players list at MSI and individual lane rankings.

MSI is right around the corner and it has built up quite a hype so far. With the pros going through bootcamps and scrims, we decided to put out our player rankings for MSI 2021. Our process for the list was to first compile the top 5 players of each role and then combine those lists to create a top 20 list based on skill level, impact, and other factors. Hence, let’s dive right into it.

First, we will start by putting out the lists we have for individual roles to provide some context to our top 20 list.

Top Lane:

The top lane list was one of the more straightforward lists we had to make. All the major regions have a representative in the list. It was a matter of ordering for us and that was a bit of a challenge. Thus, this is our list for the top 5 top laners at MSI.

  1. RNG Xiaohu
  2. DK Khan
  3. PSG Hanabi
  4. MAD Armut
  5. C9 Fudge

Xiaohu has been really good ever since he swapped roles. He has been very good in the LPL and has been solid for the team. However, his laning has not been the best and he can still work on that as he grows as a top laner.

Khan has also fitted in quite well in DK. The loss of Nuguri has not hampered DK as much and Khan has filled in a part of the void left by Nuguri. The caveat to that is that Khan has mostly been on tank duty with Sion and Gnar. Whether Khan has more tricks up his sleeve will be one to watch at MSI.

Hanabi has also been the best top laner in the PCS. Furthermore, statistically has been the best amongst all the other laners in the wildcard regions. However, he has not been particularly tested as a player given PSG Talon was wiping the PCS off the floor. His impact is crucial for PSG if they want to be in Round 2 of MSI.

Armut has made a huge impact in MAD Lions ever since he joined. He was an x-factor in their finals win and playoffs run. However, his champion pool is a big question mark. He is a great Wukong player but his short champion pool will be a problem against the top teams.

Lastly, Fudge has been solid and has gotten better and better as a player. He was pretty shaky as a player at the start, but picked up really well as the split went on. He has a lot of upside and C9 will hope he can step up and be a solid performer for them at MSI.

Honorable Mentions:

IW StarScreen: StarScreen has been a big part of IW’s success as a team. His laning has been really good in the TCL and he has a good enough champion pool that suits the meta. He will be up against Armut and Hanabi in Group B so it will be a good time for him to shine.

INF Buggax: Buggax has also been a big part of INF’s run to MSI. His influence in the top lane has made strides for the team. His champion pool is very varied and will be a big tool to have in an international tournament. However, his laning can still be worked on.


Our top 5 jungle list was also somewhat straight forward up until the 5th spot where we had a few options. We went with the current list because junglers are a big part of their teams and we judged it based on a lot of parameters such as ganking, farming, impact, etc. Hence, this is our list:

  1. DK Canyon
  2. RNG Wei
  3. PSG River
  4. MAD Elyoya
  5. UOL AHaHaCiK

Canyon is easily the best jungler in the world at the moment and possibly the best player. DK revolves so much around what he and Showmaker does and that is something that should always be taken into account.

However, Wei is not that far behind in the jungle aspect of things. He is a phenomenal jungler and the driving force of RNG’s success. He enables a lot of what RNG does and without him, RNG would not be at MSI.

River has also been one of the biggest parts of PSG Talon. As a player, he has been diverse in terms of champion pool, his jungle statistics are really good and his team has been winning with him at the jungle spot enabling them. The real question is whether he will be able to step up on an international stage.

Elyoya has had a terrific rookie campaign with being a big part of the LEC team making MSI. He is a very good jungler with good statistics. However, what sets him apart from other LEC teams is that he is very decisive and his decision-making is often on point particularly in the playoffs. He has been just as good on stage and in high-pressure situations as he has been in the regular season. However, the lights are even brighter now and time will tell whether he rises up or folds.

AHaHaCiK would be the wildcard pick for our list as most people would expect Blaber to be on it. However, AHaHaCik impact on this UoL roster cannot be ignored. The team is built around him making the calls and having success. He along with SantaS and NoManz often drive the team to wins as a well balanced team. Without him, UoL would not be as good.

Honorable Mentions:

C9 Blaber: It is obviously shocking that Blaber was not in the top 5. However, his impact on the team was not as high given Perkz was a driving force for that team. In the LCS, he was not as decisively the best jungler as people would put him as. Santorin, Spica, and others have had great success against him so he will need to step up as a jungler. He is still a great jungler but he will need to impact the team more for C9 to go far into this tournament.

DFM Steal: Steal has been spectacular for DFM as a jungler. He is statistically one of the best junglers of the wild card region and he has been dominant in the LJL. Steal is mostly a high impact jungler in terms of enabling his lanes and finding success through that as opposed to a power farming jungler. He is an integral part of DFM and deserves to get a mention.

Mid Lane:

Our mid lane top 5 list was fairly easy to compile for the top 3 at least. However, there were many contenders that could have made the list. There was even a curveball we put out in the 5th place on the list. Nevertheless, here is our list.

  1. DK ShowMaker
  2. C9 Perkz
  3. MAD Humanoid
  4. PSG Maple
  5. PNG tinowns

ShowMaker is undoubtedly the best mid laner in the tournament and in our opinion, he is the best mid laner in the world currently. Just like Canyon, he is a big part of DK’s success and he has stepped up this split as Nuguri left the team.

Perkz is back at mid lane and he is still a top mid laner. He led C9 to MSI and is now looking to win MSI as well. However, his split was not as great as one may expect. He had an off split but turned it on in the playoffs. He was also the reason why they won the final against TL. History has shown that in high-pressure situations, Perkz always rises up to the challenges and so far he has done so.

Humanoid has also been one of the best mid laners in the LEC. He is also making his case to be put alongside Caps in terms of strength in the region. In clutch situations, particularly in the finals, he was MAD’s most important player for the reverse sweep. People will point out that he did indeed choke in game 2 but he was the only guy who was carrying the team in game 5 and was the sole reason they were even in that game. This guy is the key to MAD’s success and his performances will dictate how well they do at MSI.

After Maple left the LPL, he joined a top team in the PCS and made it better. He fit in there splendidly and is now back on the international stage. He is still a very good player but whether he reaches the high he did with FW at MSI 2021 is one thing to watch.

PNG tinowns is assuredly the surprise pick on our list. He has been excellent with PNG and his statistics back it up. Tinowns is also their best performing player and deserves to be on this list. His Zoe is excellent and it will be nice looking forward to how he does in the tournament.

Honorable Mentions

RNG Cryin: Cryin is a very good player for RNG and has had many good games with the team. However, he did not pop off as much as other mid laners have to be in the top 5 list. He has had decent stats as a player but he needs to be better as an LPL representative facing against the best of the best.

DFM Aria: Aria was the newest addition to the DFM roster this season and he has been excellent on the games he has played. He is a diverse player and has great laning and he has been extremely good at boot camping for MSI so far. We will have to see how far he can perform at MSI.

Bot Lane

There have been many great bot laners that we had to choose from. It was tough for us to do so but we feel that this is the best five we can come up with for the list. Hence, this is our list.

  1. RNG Gala
  2. C9 Zven
  3. DK Ghost
  4. DFM Yutapon
  5. INF WhiteLotus

Gala has been a spectacular ADC so far this split. He has been much better than last year and he has made so many crucial plays to win games. He plays mostly Xayah and Kai’sa and he has found a lot of success in those packs. Along with Ming, this bot lane is a force to be reckoned with for anyone.

Zven has been the best ADC in the LCS and he has been great so far. His picks are very diverse but he relies on Kai’sa a lot for his games. Hopefully the extra practice and boot camp with help him diversify before the start of MSI.

Ghost has been a solid contributor for DK this split. He was a big part of DK’s Worlds win last year and he is still pretty good. Similar to Zven, he relies a lot on Kai’sa. However, his laning is not as good and that is a concern when going against teams with better laners. It should be fine for DK considering they play through other lanes. Nevertheless, Ghost is still a solid player and deserves to be on the list.

Yutapon has been the standout for DFM so far. Along with Steal and Aria, he has been integral to the team. Statistically, he is very high up the list of bot laners and he has a diverse selection of picks. His Ezreal in particular is really good. Whether he continues this run against stronger opponents will be one to watch.

Whitelotus has been excellent for Gillette Infinity and has been a great bot laner so far. His laning has been great statistically and he has played the meta picks really well. He and Ackerman have been great in their region and now it will be about translating that into the international stage.

Honorable Mentions

PNG brTT: brTT has been in the esports scene for a really long time and he has played really well. However, he needs to be at his best for PNG to have a great shot at making out of Round 1 of MSI 2021.

PSG Doggo: Doggo is on loan to PSG and that puts a lot of pressure on a young player like him. He has a lot to prove and this experience will help him going forward and he might potentially make Worlds with his team (Beyond Gaming) this year.

IW Holyphoenix: Holyphoenix has been in the professional scene for a long time and he is a very good player for his team. IW is a very balanced roster and Holyphoenix is a big part of it.


Lastly we have our supports list. This was an easy list for us to do so here it is.

  1. RNG Ming
  2. DK Beryl
  3. MAD Kaiser
  4. PSG Kaiwing
  5. C9 Vulcan

Ming has been the best support in the world this year. He has made play after play after play for RNG. Ming and Wei roamed a lot to make plays happen around the rift and it has paid dividends. He has enabled Gala to carry in these games. This is a great part of RNG and will be what potentially gets them an MSI win this year.

Beryl is not far behind on that front. He has been the same player he has been last year but his style contrasting with Ming is different. Beryl is more of a roaming support and that has had success for DK especially pairing up with Canyon and ShowMaker. This should continue to be the same as DK will be an unstoppable force at MSI.

Kaiser has started to make quite a name for himself since last year from the LEC. He was clearly the best support this split and he is one of those key players for MAD Lions. His laning is not the greatest given both he and Carzzy are struggling in that front. However, his team fight is what sets him aside as he has a unique sense of where to be in fights. If he improves, he can challenge Ming and Beryl in MSI going forward.

Kaiwing is also an excellent support for the team. However, the question remains on how good he will be considering Unified will not be at MSI due to health issues. PSG will need him to perform so that they can make it far into MSI.

Vulcan has also been an excellent support. He has been rated as a top support in the LCS alongside CoreJJ. The only damper is that his laning is not very good while Zven is a very good laner. For C9, they will need to improve in order to stand a chance against the best of the best.

Honorable Mentions

UOL SaNTaS: SaNTaS has been a great player for UOL so far. He has been the main initiator and playmaker for that team alongside AHaHaCiK. Similar to Vulcan, his laning stats are not very good but his impact on the team is still very high. UOL will need him to perform to potentially get the 2nd seed for the LCL at Worlds 2021.

INF Ackerman: Ackerman, as a rookie, has had a lot of impact on the team. He alongside Whitelotus has been a great duo so far and they have been great as laners and in other aspects of the game. He should improve with the boot camping and experience he gains here to be better as a player in the tournament and potentially at Worlds.

Top 20 Player Rankings

Now we move onto the top 20 players on our list. Again, we took our individual role lists and then combined them to compile a top 20 list we feel is the best at MSI. This list is based on a lot of other factors, not just individual skill level. So here it is:

  1. DK Canyon
  2. DK ShowMaker
  3. RNG Ming
  4. RNG Wei
  5. C9 Perkz
  6. RNG Gala
  7. DK Beryl
  8. MAD Humanoid
  9. RNG Xiaohu
  10. DK Khan
  11. MAD Kaiser
  12. PSG Hanabi
  13. PSG River
  14. MAD Elyoya
  15. PSG Maple
  16. C9 Zven
  17. UOL AHaHaCiK
  18. MAD Armut
  19. DK Ghost
  20. PSG Kaiwing

Canyon and Showmaker are the best at their individual roles in MSI. Also, their players are good enough to all be in the top 20. Two Western players make it in the top 10 as they are their team’s best players.

RNG and DK so far are the most talented rosters in MSI and they should be the favorites going forward. Hopefully, you guys like our list, and we will be posting more content of MSI as MSI starts on 6th May.

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