MrBeast showcases his meteoric rise in YouTube in the span of a few years

MrBeast recently showed off the number of views on his YouTube during each year of his life and The numbers speak for themselves.

Jimmy Donaldson or more popularly known as MrBeast is a famous American YouTuber and Internet personality. MrBeast’s videos typically feature “attention-grabbing stunts”. He often makes videos where he donates large amounts of money to individuals, with many of these videos being sponsored. MrBeast sometimes donates money even without sponsors. He is also the co-creator of Team-Trees, a fundraiser that has planted more than 20 Million trees.

MrBeast recently showed off his YouTube channels growth over the years of his life and the numbers are mind-boggling.

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MrBeast showcases views over the years:

MrBeast recently took to Twitter and shared the number of views he got on his YouTube channel over the years of his life. He started his youtube channel back when he was just 12 years old. In his first year of Youtube, he got only 15,000 views. When he was 13 his views reduced by almost half but after that, the views started increasing.

In year 15 and 16, MrBeast doubled the number of views from the previous year. He got almost 22 times more views than the previous year when he turned 17. After that MrBeast’s views started growing at a phenomenal rate. During his last three years of YouTube MrBeast started getting more than billions of views on his channel. MrBeast is currently 22 years old and he has gotten more than 3.4 Billion views so far. This number will probably cross 4 Billion by the end of the year.

MrBeast said in the Tweet,

“This is how many views I got on YouTube during each year of my life.
22 – 3,487,571,441 (So far)
21 – 3,324,451,660
20 – 2,099,879,911
19 – 464,282,517
18 – 122,441,813
17 – 5,482,596
16 – 202,000
15 – 125,634
14 – 41,148
13 – 7,000
12 – 15,000″

After posting the tweet a lot of people were saying that MrBeast is flexing his YouTube views but he clarified the significance of the previous post. He said in a comment later,

“Just to put it out there I didn’t make this to flex. I was curious if there was a way to show how growth on YouTube is exponential! Feel free to do the same for your channels and share below!”

So we can deduce from his viewer numbers that strong dedication and commitment can help you grow on YouTube or any other platform. It is not just a matter of luck. MrBeast also had a couple of thousand views during his first few years and he became what he is through dedication and commitment.

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