MrBeast, Ninja, G2esports, and Aimlab Combined Pledge to Donate $1 Million to charity for Fall Guys Skin

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: MrBeastYT, Ninja, G2esports, Aimlab, Mediatonic

MrBeastYT, Ninja, G2esports, and Aimlab have pledged together to donate $1 Million to charity in the Fall Guys battle of the Brands.

Fall Guys has once again taken over Twitter with the bidding war between the brands that started two weeks ago. With the bidding war at an end, the whole internet is going wild seeing the huge sum that will be donated to charity thanks to Fall Guys starting this bidding war.

What is Battle of the Brands?

2 weeks ago, Fall Guys announced a bidding war for brands to donate to a charity called Special Effects. The brand with the highest bid will get their skin of choice in Fall Guys.

The bid has been going on for two weeks now. The bids have been increasing each day, with new bidders sometimes teaming up to outbid the others. The timing for the bid has officially ended at the time of writing this.

Battle of the Brands Winners

The battle of the brand’s bidding war is over, and there are four winners. They are MrBeastYT, Ninja, G2esports, and Aimlab. All of them together will donate $1 Million to the disabled gamer charity called Special Effects. We will be getting a skin that is chosen by the winners of the bidding war in Fall Guys, but since there are four winners, we still don’t know what the skin will look like.

Ninja tweeted this on his Twitter just before the bidding war ended. This team-up got them the win.

SpecialEffects, who will be receiving the $1 Million donation, had this to say.

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