MrBeast is Seeking to Raise $150 Million for his Business at around $1.5 Billion Evaluation

Popular Youtube star and entrepreneur MrBeast is seeking to raise $150 million for his businesses at around $1.5 Billion evaluation.

Jimmy Donaldson or more popularly known as MrBeast, is a famous American YouTuber and entrepreneur. He is famous for his videos where he pulls off expensive stunts and gives away a lot of money. MrBeast is said to be the pioneer of a new genre of content on YouTube that features expensive giveaways and huge spending. MrBeast is also the co-creator of Team Trees which is a fundraiser that has successfully raised over $22 million and planted over 20 million trees.

A few months ago, MrBeast got into the business side of things and started a delivery service for his MrBeast burgers. It was an overnight sensation, and MrBeast Burgers received thousands of delivery orders from all over the USA, Canada, and the UK. Then MrBeast opened his first MrBeast Burger restaurant. Thousands of MrBeast fans got in line to try out the MrBeast Burger at this restaurant.

MrBeast also operates a snacks business called Feastables, which made him over $10 million in the first few months. MrBeast has several other YouTube channels with millions of subscribers besides his main channel.

Now MrBeast is looking to expand his business and is seeking investment for his business evaluation being at around $1.5 Billion.

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MrBeast Seeking Investors to Invest $150 million:

According to sources from Axios, MrBeast is looking for investors to invest around $150 million in his businesses. All of his YouTube channels, along with businesses, are said to be valued at around $1.5 Billion. With this amount of money, MrBeast will soon expand his business even more and possibly branch out into other genres of merchandise and goods.

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