MrBeast ‘Finger on The App’ Challengers Sabotaged by Troll Donation Usernames

Jimmy Donaldson more commonly known as MrBeast shared a video on his Twitter profile today. This video showed some of the people that lost his trending ‘Finger on The App’ challenge because of Ciri.

What is ‘Finger on The App’ Challenge?

MrBeast is famous for his weird challenge on youtube where he pays an absurd amount of money to the winners. Usually, the challenge participants are some of his close friends. But this time he brought a new challenge where anyone can participate.

For this reason, he released an app that keeps track of your finger on the app screen. Set time was declared when everyone will start with their finger on the screen. Whoever removes their finger from the app screen last will win 25,000$.

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How many people participated?

More than 45,000 people participated in the challenge.

How many people are still left?

According to MrBeast himself, it has been 19 hours since the challenge began and 200 people are left.

People Losing because of Donation Usernames

Many of the challengers are streaming live their participation in the challenge. Some of them are getting trolled by donation or follower names. If a person named ‘hey z Ree‘ donates or follows them. And if they say the name out loud their phone activates Ciri and they lose the challenge. Apparently it has been happening a lot.

MrBeast shared a video of people losing because of this reason.

Although it is somewhat funny I can’t help but feel sorry for them. But there is nothing we can do about these things as these are also part of what makes the internet great. We are all eagerly waiting to see who wins the MrBeast ‘Finger on the App‘ challenge.

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