Mousesports sweep ex-Win 2-0 in a whopping 83 rounds and win Snow Sweet Snow #3

Snow Sweet Snow 3 is a four-stage Online tournament based in Europe. It is organized by Relog Media and sponsored by GRID. Here, 44 teams take part in Best-of-3 matches for the $100,000 prize pool.

This tournament is conducted in four stages. They are the Regional group stage of 44 teams, Regional Swiss Stage, and Main Swiss Stage. From there, the top 8 teams proceed to the playoffs.

Mousesports was an invited team so they get to directly participate in the quarterfinals of the playoffs. They beat SKADE & Fnatic at 2-0 & 2-1 and secured a spot in the finals. ex-Winstrike team was directly invited to the Main swiss stage where they stood 3rd. In the playoffs, they had a flawless run beating SINNERS, ex-champions HAVU, and Evil geniuses with a perfect score. Now they face Mouz in the finals.

Mapwise stats:

mousesports 25-22 ex-Winstrike Team
Dust II
mousesports 19-17 ex-Winstrike Team

The first map was Nuke which was picked by mouz. The first and second round both ended with 7-8 scores with both teams inching ahead alternately. With both teams equally matched it went into overtime where finally after a total of a whopping 47 rounds mousesports clinched the map.

It really showed how evenly matched both teams were with the second map having two 7-8 scorelines and again having to go into overtime. Finally after 6 rounds in overtime, mouz claim the map as well as the series.

Robin “ropz” Kool from Mouz had the best performance with a +15 K/D and 100.7 ADR.

This was an extremely competitive match with both sides evenly matched. After a long gruesome final, Mousesportswalk away as the victors of Snow Sweet Snow #3.

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