Most Popular Teams In Genshin Impact

Below are some of the most popular teams that Genshin Impact players use.

Genshin Impact is an open-world, action RPG, massively multiplayer role-playing game by Chinese developer, Mihoyo. Genshin Impact takes place in the fictional world of Teyvat. The widely popular game by Chinese developer Mihoyo was released in 2020 on every major gaming platform, including Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, and Playstation.

In Genshin Impact, you can create a team of 4 different characters. With Fifty characters to currently choose from, it can be tough work to put together a team. There are four elements in Genshin Impact and they are the core mechanism of Genshin Impact’s combat system and exploration. Each character wields a vision that grants them elemental powers.

Whether you need to explore or fight in Spiral Abyss, it is necessary to form a proper team. From the meta-builds to the best free-to-play friendly teams, we’ve got you covered. We will go over the most popular teams in the game, from National teams to Taser teams. We will give details of what to expect from each team, what items you should go for, and substitute characters to use if you are missing any characters.

Here are the best teams currently available in Genshin Impact.

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Most Popular Teams In Genshin Impact

National Teams

National teams are really popular among Genshin Impact players. The original discovery of the all 4-star team of Xiangling/ Xingqiu/ Bennett/ Chongyun in the Chinese community, which they famously named the “National Team”. Xiangling is widely regarded as the strongest overall Pyro character as well as one of the strongest off-field damage dealers in the game. Due to her elemental burst that snapshots buffs, has high AoE potential, low cooldown, and easy to play mechanically.

Her teams are some of the most ”Meta” and popular in the game. Raiden National team is currently the top used team in Spiral Abyss Floor 12.

  • Original National Team (Xiangling/Xingqiu/Bennett/Chongyun) 4-Star Only
  • National Team Sucrose (Xiangling/Xingqiu/Bennett/Sucrose) 4-Star Only
  • National Team w/ Kazuha (Xiangling/Xingqiu/Bennett/Kazuha)
  • National Team w/ Zhongli (Xiangling/Xingqiu/Bennett/Zhongli)
  • Childe International w/ Kazuha (Tartaglia/Xiangling/Bennett/Kauzha)
Childe International Team w/ Kazuha Genshin
Childe International Team w/ Kazuha
  • Childe Reverse Vape w/ Zhongli (Tartaglia/Xiangling/Bennett/Zhongli)
  • National Team Overvape (Xiangling/Xingqiu/Bennett/Fischl) 4-Star Only
  • Childe Reverse Vape (Tartaglia/Xiangling/Bennett/Sucrose)
  • Childe Overvape (Tartaglia/Xiangling/Bennett/Fischl or Raiden)
  • Childe National (Tartaglia/Xiangling/Bennett/Xingqiu)
  • Kokomi Reverse Vape (Kokomi/Xiangling/Bennett/Sucrose or Kazuha)
  • Raiden National (Raiden Shogun/Xiangling/Xingqiu/Bennett)
Raiden National Team Genshin
Raiden National Team

Taser Teams (Electro-Charged/Electro DPS Teams)

Taser teams are probably the underrated team comps of the game. They are mainly centered around Sucrose’s ability to swirl both Hydro and Electro in quick succession and achieve high reaction damage from her high Elemental Mastery stat, as well as Beidou’s insane burst scaling with multiple targets.

  • Childe Fireworks (Tartaglia/Beidou/Fischl/Bennett)
  • Sucrose Taser (Sucrose/Beidou/Fischl/Xingqiu) 4-Star Only
4-Star Taser Team Genshin
4-Star Taser Team
  • Sukokomon (Sucrose/Kokomi/Fischl/Xiangling)
Sukokomon Taser Team Genshin
Sukokomon Taser Team
  • Kokomi Taser (Kokomi/Yae Miko/Fischl/Sucrose)
Kokomi Taser Team Genshin
Kokomi Taser Team

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Freeze Teams (Cryo Main DPS w/ Blizzard Strayer)

Since the start, freeze teams have been some of the most popular team comps in Genshin Impact. Pairing a Cryo DPS character with Hydro supports, you will be able to keep enemies frozen most of the time.

  • Morgana (Ganyu/Mona/Diona/Venti)
Morgana Team Comp Genshin
Morgana Team Comp
  • Moryana (Ayaka/Mona/Diona/Venti)
  • Moryana w/ Kokomi (Ayaka/Kokomi/Rosaria/Venti)
  • Tip of the Iceberg (Ayaka/Kokomi/Kazuha/Rosaria or Shenhe)
Tip of the Iceberg  Genshin
Tip of the Iceberg
  • Ayaka Xingqiu Freeze (Ayaka/Xingqiu/Diona/Venti or Kazuha)
  • Morganya (Ganyu/Mona/Ayaka/Venti)
  • Morganya Kokomi Variant (Ganyu/Kokomi/Ayaka/Venti)
  • Kaeya Freeze (Kaeya/Xingqiu/Chongyun/Kazuha or Sucrose) 4-Star Only
  • Childe Freeze (Tartaglia/Shenhe/Diona/Kazuha or Sucrose)

Melt Teams (Cryo Main DPS)

Melt teams generally come from two different forms, utilizing either the consistent off-field Cryo application of Rosaria or Kaeya’s bursts or using the power of Ganyu’s charged shots.

  • Melt Ganyu (Ganyu/Xiangling/Bennett/Zhongli)
Melt Ganyu Team Comp Genshin
Melt Ganyu Team Comp
  • Reverse Melt (Rosaria/Shenhe/Xiangling/Bennett)
Reverse Melt Team Comp
Reverse Melt Team Comp
  • VV Reverse Melt (Kaeya/Xiangling/Bennett/Sucrose) 4-Star Only
  • Melt Ganyu w/ Kazuha(Ganyu/Xiangling/Bennett/Kazuha)
  • Melt Ganyu w/ Kazuha-Zhongli (Ganyu/Bennett/Kazuha/Zhongli)

Hu Tao (Hu Tao Main DPS)

Hu Tao, nicknamed the ”Walnut”, has been a fan favorite ever since her release. She’s known for her very high single-target damage from her vaporized charge attacks. Her burst does massive AoE damage as well. She is more mechanically difficult to use than Xiangling because of her playstyle.

  • Hu Tao Double Geo (Hu Tao/Xingqiu/Albedo/Zhongli)
Hu Tao Double Geo Team Genshin
Hu Tao Double Geo Team
  • Hu Tao Vape-Melt/Freeze-Melt (Hu Tao/Xingqiu/Diona/Rosaria or Kaeya)
  • Hu Tao Ganyu Support (Hu Tao/Xingqiu/Ganyu/Diona or Zhongli)
  • VV Vape Tao (Hu Tao/Xingqiu/Amber/Sucrose or Kazuha)
  • Hu Tao Overheat w/ Thoma (Hu Tao/Xingqiu/Thoma/Sucrose or Kazuha)
Hu Tao Overheat Team Genshin
Hu Tao Overheat Team
  • Hu Tao Overvape (Hu Tao/Xingqiu/Beidou/ Raiden)
  • Nuke Tao (Hu Tao/Ayaka/Amber/Sucrose or Kazuha)

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Xiao is the only Anemo DPS in the game and has high AoE potential from his plunge attacks. He excels because of his effective utilization of less demanded supports like Jean and Albedo.

  • Xiao Main Team (Xiao/Sucrose/Bennett/Zhongli)
Xiao Main Team Genshin
Xiao Main Team
  • Xiao Double Geo (Xiao/Jean/Albedo/Zhongli)
Xiao Double Geo Team Genshin
Xiao Double Geo Team

Raiden Hypercarry (Raiden Main DPS)

Raiden Shogun has seen high popularity as support in teams like Raiden National. Another effective way to play her is as a solo DPS, which actually are her best team in terms of damage.

  • Raiden Hypercarry (Raiden/Sara/Bennett/Kazuha)
Raiden Hypercarry Team Genshin
Raiden Hypercarry Team
  • Raiden Hypercarry w/ Lisa (Raiden/TTDS Lisa/Bennett/Kazuha)
  • Raiden Overload (Raiden/Yae Miko/Sara/Jean or Kazuha)
Raiden Overload Team Genshin
Raiden Overload Team


Eula teams are quite flexible because they don’t require Anemo support. As long as you have an Electro for Superconduct and a second Cryo character for extra energy particles, she’ll obliterate enemies left and right.

  • Eula-Raiden (Eula/Raiden/Beidou/Diona)
Eula-Raiden Team Genshin
Eula-Raiden Team
  • Eula-Beidou (Eula/Beidou/Fischl/Diona)
  • Eula-Beidou w/ Rosaria (Eula/Beidou/Fischl/Rosaria)

Arataki Itto

Arataki Itto has seen immense popularity since his release in Genshin Impact. The leader of the Arataki Gang is really great DPS who can use other Geo characters like Gorou, Albedo or even Ningguang to make a solid team.

  • All Geo (Itto/Gorou/Albedo/Zhongli)
All Geo Bros Team
All Geo Bros Team

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