More Halo Infinite multiplayer beta is coming

Halo Infinite’s first multiplayer technical preview beta has ended. But don’t fret if you missed it. 343i has announced that Halo Infinite will have more betas in the future.

After three days, Halo Infinite’s multiplayer technical preview ends today. While the user response was excellent and everyone loved how the game plays and feels. Like the good old Halo days. A huge chunk of fans could not join on the beta. Hence, making a large part of the player base disappointed. But do not worry as the devs have confirmed that more Halo Infinite beta will happen in the coming days. Additionally, they also mentioned that they plan to accommodate all the Halo Insiders with upcoming preview and beta flights.

Although they did not declare an official date, the announcement was made on the official Halo Twitter.

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The Halo Infinite technical preview is the first multiplayer beta that ran for three days. It featured game modes where players went head-to-head against bots of increasing difficulty. Furthermore, the beta offered maps and exclusive weapons that were released periodically so that it felt fresh. The intention of this bot-only beta was to allow devs to collect data to work on the AI which is a first in the Halo series. Also better implement the multiplayer elements of the game such as UI etc. Although, PVP slayer mode became playable for a short time.

Moreover, the version in the technical preview featured an early build of the game. Therefore players encountered a few bugs and glitches which developers could clear upon. In turn, when the next Halo Infinite multiplayer beta arrives, players can enjoy a much better Halo experience. Hopefully with more maps and weapons and game modes. In fact, Halo Infinite also has a new and better 12v12 Big Team Battle, supposed to be a game-changer. Let’s hope we can play this new mode in the next Halo preview or betas.

If you missed out, keep your patience as you still can join in as the next preview arrives.

Halo seems to be making a comeback with Infinite. With multiplayer going free and full game on Xbox Game Pass day one, the legendary series is brimming with potential.

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