Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin Battle guide

Confused about which battle style you should go with? We have you covered.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin brings tons of things and places to explore thanks to its vast open world. It includes different fighting and combat style you can choose from to play the game. It can be tough to choose between the combat style as every decision counts in the game. However, we have created a Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin Battle guide below to aid you in the game.

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Battle Guide for Monster Hunter Stories 2

Attack Type and Weapons:

Monster Hunter Stories 2 will need you to be more strategic and tactical than just going all ham on enemies. There are three types of attacks players can choose from in the game. Moreover, these include Speed, Power and Technical. Choosing from either of these attacks depends on what enemy you are facing.

Each attack counters a particular attack, and you will have to use it at a specific time. A Speed attack will counter a Power attack, a Power attack will counter a Technical attack, and a Technical attack will counter a Speed attack.

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Each Monster has a different type, and depending on that, the pattern of attacks will change. You will get used to the pattern eventually after you play the game for a few hours. Apart from attack type, weapon switching is also an essential aspect of Monster Hunter Stories 2. Changing your weapon mid-battle will not cost you a turn but will change the amount of damage you are doing to the enemy.

Double Attacks and Kinship Gauge:

Another effective way of doing a lot of damage is double attacks. If you and your Monstie do the same type of attack in a turn, you can perform a double attack. With this attack, both of you will attack at the same time and deal more damage. Moreover, it will increase the kinship Guage, which allows you to do skills and riding. Kinship Gauge is a mana bar that allows you to ride your Monstie and make powerful special attacks.

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Having a full Kinship Guage heals the rider and Monstie slowly. It also increases stats and gives you the option of landing some devastating attacks. Apart from this, make sure you listen carefully to the information Navirou provides you. In fact, he will give you advice on which types of moves you should use against which kind of Monsters

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