Modder Successfully Recreated Fall Guys in GTA V

A Modder has succesfully recreated Fall Guys by modding in GTA V.

Fall Guys has taken over the gaming community. The game sold over 2 million copies in the first week. It achieved steam’s top 5 played games with over 100k+ concurrent players. GTA V was the game it crossed to get to number 4.

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Fall Guys Mod

A modder has successfully created a mod that lets players play Fall Guys in GTA V. The name of the modder is RobbinRams. He shaded a YouTube video on his channel that showcased the Mod.

In the video, we can see all the features that are in the mod. The mod comes with finding players screen just like Fall Guys. He even added the official Fall Guys music. It even shows the map overview and everything just like Fall Guys.

The modder has clearly done an outstanding job making the mod.

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