Mizkif Almost Injured himself Trying to Bench Press 315 Lbs

Popular Twitch Streamer Mizkif accidentally dropped 315 lbs weight during live stream on his chest while bench pressing.

Mizkif is one of the most popular streamers on the biggest streaming site Twitch. His Twitch channel currently has more than 2 million followers. His streams easily cross 20k+ viewers every time. Mizkif is ranked the #54 English channel and #113 overall in all of Twitch.

The past few months have been hectic for Mizkif, as he was put on leave from OTK due to internal investigations following the cover-up of sexual assault against his friend CrazySlick. A third party conducted the investigation but did not find any direct link to Mizkif. Mizkif then hosted a comeback stream where he was accused of playing the victim and received a ton of backlash. The org OTK put Mizkif on “monitored probation”.

Mizkif then went on to start a gym for Twitch viewers with another streamer Knut and has been streaming gym and exercise content ever since. But something unexpected happened during his January 10 stream that could have resulted in some serious injuries to Mizkif.

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Mizkif drops 315 lbs Weight on his Chest:

On January 10, Mizkif was streaming his gym exercise content when he tried to bench press 315 lbs(142.8 kg). Another Twitch streamer, Esfand, was spotting Mizkif during it. At first, Mizkif did one rep of the bench press. He then tried to attempt another bench press when Esfand shockingly said, “You want to do another one?”.

During the second bench press Mizkif accidentally dropped the 315 lbs on his chest. Esfand quickly came to the rescue and helped get the weight off his chest. We then see Esfand and Greekgodx asking Mizkif, “Are you okay?”.

To which Mizkif replied, “I’m good”.

The accident could have resulted in some serious injuries and even broken bones but seems like Mizkif is ok. Many of Mizkifs fans and followers commented on posts on social media saying that Mizkif will feel the pain for months to come and wished for his quick recovery.

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