Mining Simulator 2 Codes (March 2023): Free Gems & Rewards

Some Mining Simulator 2 codes are on the loose, but you need to mine to redeem those to get exciting rewards.

After the release of the original Mining Simulator, it did not take much time to come back with the sequel. The new adventures in the dark underground mine compounds are more exciting than ever. So, pick up your ax and start mining. Your goal is to get the best equipment. To be precise, get better equipment than the last one. Besides, there’s always a better one. However, every piece is unique as well.

Devs from Rumble Studios came up with some additional ideas. They thought about bringing out some codes along the way to ease the mining experience. These codes provide gems and other exciting rewards. All you got to do is mine a little bit more. Moreover, keep believing in yourself, fellow miner.

Mining Simulator 2 Codes (March 2023)

There are a handful of codes for you to redeem for March. More to come by, so keep coming back here.

  • Update18: 6 Hours of Lucky Boost
  • Update17: 6 Hours of Lucky Boost
  • Update16: 6 Hours of Lucky Boost
  • Update15: 6 Hours of Lucky Boost
  • Update14: 6 Hours of Lucky Boost
  • Update13: 6 Hours of Lucky Boost
  • Update9: Super lucky boost
  • Lucky: 1-hour lucky boost
  • SuperEvent: 1-hour lucky boost
  • Update12: 30 minutes Lucky Boost
  • Atlantis: 30 minutes lucky boost
  • Mystery: 30 minutes lucky boost
  • Treasure: 30 minutes lucky boost
  • July4th: 30 minutes lucky boost
  • Factory: 30 minutes lucky boost
  • Season2: 30 minutes omega lucky boost
  • LostCity: 30 minutes omega lucky boost
  • MysteryV3: 30 minutes Super Lucky Boost
  • Update7: 30 minutes Super lucky boost
  • SuperLucky: 30 minutes Super lucky boost
  • ExtraLuck: 30 minutes Super lucky boost
  • Update6: Super Boost
  • Trading: 250 gems
  • Gems: 50 gems
  • Release: 100 coins
  • RareCrate: 1 rare crate
  • FreeCrate: 1 basic crate
  • FreeEgg: 1 free basic egg

How to Redeem Mining Simulator 2 Codes

Follow these steps to mine those codes in an instant:

  • Launch Roblox Mining Simulator 2.
  • Look for the Twitter icon. It should be somewhere on the screen. I am just too lazy to point it out. However, a nice box should appear on the screen.
  • Put one of those codes you just scrolled past and hit that Redeem button.
  • Some crude rewards can be seen already.

Mining Simulator 2 Expired Codes

Below are the expired codes:

  • UltraLuck
  • MegaLuck

What are these codes?

These codes are like rays of sunshine peeking through the rocks and reaching the mine. Devs are generous enough to provide a sustainable living environment down there. And these codes are to ease up that process. With some luck booster, your luck might open up faster than ever.

How to get more codes for Free?

Bookmarking this page will not do any harm to you, I swear. You just mine down there while I mine for some more freebie codes. We all have our part to play. Till next time, Adios!

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