MiniLadd has been banned from Twitch

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Miniladd has been banned from Twitch recently.

Craig Thompson or more commonly known online as Miniladd is a famous British YouTuber and streamer. He is one of the most famous content creators from the UK. He generally published videos containing gameplay, comedy, vlog, and other variety of things.

Last year around June, two women on Twitter accused Miniladd of manipulating them when they were underage. His ex-girlfriend came out at the same time and stated that their relationship was “extremely toxic and manipulative”. Following these accusations, Craig made an apology and took a break until August of 2020.

After returning from the break Miniladd did not address the real reason and claimed that it was just another mental health journey like his previous ones. Many months later he uploaded a video titled ‘Clearing the air‘. In the video, he briefly addressed the sexual assault allegations and other accusations.

Later in December of 2020 Craig tackled the accusations head-on in his video titled ‘My Apology‘. The video’s initial response was positive but later became negative as Miniladd was accused of sharing cropped screenshots of messages and also thanking his PR team for writing the script in the video.

Recently Miniladd’s Twitch account was banned.

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MiniLadd Banned:

A Twitter bot called StreamerBans shared the news of the ban. Following the ban Miniladd has also been evicted from the Twitch partnership program.

This is Miniladd’s first ban on the biggest streaming platform Twitch.

Reason for the Ban:

Twitch has a policy of not providing a reason for an individuals ban. So they did not reveal the reason this time as well. But the most likely reason could be because of the grooming and sexual accusations against him.

We will update this article as soon as more info is revealed.

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