Minecraft YouTuber Dream’s 1.16 Speedrun Removed Due to Cheating Allegations

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Skeppy's YouTube channel

Popular Minecraft YouTuber and Speedrunner Dream’s 1.16 speedrun was recently removed from speedrun.com leaderboards due to cheating allegations.

Dream is an American YouTuber and Minecraft speedrunner. . He is famous for his Minecraft series called “Minecraft Speedrunner VS 1/2/3/4 Hunters“. Dream also has another popular series called the “Unsolved Mysteries” where he analyses popular Minecraft mechanics and mysteries. Dream’s YouTube channel is one of the fastest-growing channels with over 10 million subscribers gained within a year. His videos regularly feature other popular Minecraft YouTubers like GeorgeNotFound, and, Sapnap.

Dream is well known in the Minecraft community for his exceptional skill at the game. He has several Minecraft speedruns listed on speedrun.com for Version 1.15 and 1.16. Recently his 1.16 Minecraft speedrun was taken down from the website due to alleged cheating allegations.

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Dream’s 1.16 speedrun removed from leaderboards:

Speedrunner Dream’s 1.16 Minecraft speedrun was placed 16th on speedrun.com leaderboard. Dream’s second Twitter account verified that the 1.16 speedrun was indeed removed.

According to Dream, “My 1.16 run was just rejected after research due to it being “too unlikely to verify”. A video was made by a head mod and Youtuber Geosquare, using my name and clickbaiting “Cheating Speedrunning” in order to get easy views. Definitely a response soon. Total BS!”

He also added that multiple moderators messaged him saying that the investigation was biased. Dream wrote, “Currently have multiple moderators messaging me that they believe that the verdict was bias, and that they might quit the mod team. What kind of “investigation” was this?”

He later Tweeted again about the reason why his 1.16 speedrun was removed. Apparently, Dream’s 1.16 speedrun had “too good luck”.

Dream’s 1.15 5th place Minecraft speedrun was still up on the leaderboard and only the 1.16 one got removed. Dream said he will be making a video regarding this sometime in the future.

Quick overview of the Investigation report:

The investigation was carried out for 2 months and the report consists of over 29 pages. The investigation report was submitted by the Minecraft speedrunning team on December 11, 2020.

Dream’s bartering luck during the 1.16 speedrun can be seen on the graph below. According to the graph we can see that Dream’s bartering luck was higher than expected which allowed him to get more Ender Pearls.

Dream's pearl bartering luck
Dream’s pearl bartering luck

Blaze rod drops during Dream’s speedrun can be seen on the graph below and this also shows the higher number of drops that dream got. According to the investigation report, the drop rate was unusually high.

Dream's Blaze Rod Drops
Dream’s Blaze Rod Drops

The investigation report’s final verdict was, “The only sensible conclusion that can be drawn after this analysis is that Dream’s game was modified in order to manipulate the pearl barter and rod drop rates.”

The official moderator Geosquare’s full analysis video can be found below.

Be sure to keep an eye on our website for future developments on this matter as we will be sure to bring you updated information regarding this matter.

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